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Our platform is built to make design Accessible, Affordable and Reliable. Signup as a designer with Morff to experience a new way of freelancing that is focused on design driven developments.


Choice of work

Interesting and yet relevant projects that match your expertise, budget, availability without price pitching! Take your pick!


Easy contracts

Have your project steps, milestones, payment schedule, deliverables clearly documented, agreed and signed to skip confusions later.



Make sure to get paid for your time. Payments are collected in advance to ensure fair payment disbursals.

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Make a profile and get listed.

Make a kick-ass profile and showcase your work to prospective clients.


Start receiving projects and tell us about the ones you are interested in.

Make a choice based on project expertise, value, timeline. No price bidding! Get selected based on your skill only.

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Sign the contract and get started on your project. Payment ensured.

Detailed contracts mentioning deliverables, revisions, payment schedule, timeline. Signed by both parties. Crystal clear communication!


Hasslefree project completion and timely payments

Zip through the project with no distractions. We’ll take care of all follow ups, invoices and payment collections. You just do what you do best - Design! Quick resolution incase of any conflict.

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Featured designers with extraordinary performance and client appreciation.

Prachi Shah is a product and packaging designer with over 4 years of experience. She has worked well renowned brands such as L'oreal, HUL, Nivea, Future Group and D'Decor.

Frequently asked questions

All the mundane information

  • Morff is India's first design exclusive Freelance platform for Business needs. Our aim is to make design Accessible, Reliable and Affordable. We are a one stop solution to manage your entire freelancing profile. We aim to make freelance designing as simple as possible by providing end to end solutions for Project Discovery, Contract Signing, Project Management & Payment Protection.
  • If you are a professional designer or one in the making who expects freedom in choosing projects and defining your own budget, you can join Morff. We welcome designers from any of the following design fields to signup on Morff: Space Design, Industrial & Product Design, Graphic and Visual Communication. Whether you are a full time freelancer or a moonlighter who is looking at expanding their creative potential, you are welcome to signup.
  • To begin freelancing with Morff, you have to first create your own profile on our platform. Click here to create your profile. This profile will contain information about your professional experience, skills and portfolio. A profile with richer information will improve the chances of getting right project matches.
  • We help businesses find freelance designers based on their exact requirements. We do this by matching the work requirements to the freelancers skills and experience. We then share those suitable profiles with the business. A business may request for a proposal from one or more freelancers. Once the discussions and negotiations are completed, we create a contract for you and the project is kick started.
  • Morff provides a general contract that takes in to consideration freelancer and business interests. Project specific details including timelines, design fees and any special conditions are completely between you and your client.
  • Morff recommends working in milestones. Every milestone is associated with a percentage of the total project payment. Morff will raise an invoice on your behalf for your client for each milestone before it begins. We collect this advance payment from your client till after the completion of that milestone.
  • The payment will be remitted to your bank account after a successful completion of each milestone.
  • For every milestone payment collected from client, Morff deducts service fee and applicable taxes before the disbursement to the freelancer. The tax deductions are as follows: TDS @ 1% if the total project value exceeds 1 Lakhs INR Few clients deduct TDS @ 10% (7.5% during covid as relaxed by GOI) if the freelance designer does not have GST Registration
  • Morff charges a nominal 10% charges on all your invoices. Other than this there are no other hidden charges.
  • This is entirely dependant on the work postings on Morff. Every design challenge is different. Some designers are more suitable for a particular problem statement than others. Your profile will be recommended as often as there are requirements that align with your experience.

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