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How we make it happen

We served organisations and brands of different scales from a variety of sectors 


We customise the job titles and JD, that provides a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and which will also make it easier for you to focus on the culture round

Customised Job Descriptions


We use our database of over 3000 creative professionals and a thriving community of over 12,000 individuals on LinkedIn to source the best designers out there

Sourcing the Profiles


We conduct a comprehensive search for suitable candidates based on their resumes and the questionnaire we provide to them based on your preferences

Profile Shortlisting


We design a Problem statement keeping in mind the responsibilities, role and ofcourse, your brand. If you have any particular test in mind, we can help you do the screening based on that as well.

Second shortlisting


You will receive a list qualified creatives who have passed the design test.

Based on your organisational needs, you can conduct as many rounds as required before finalising a candidate.



We ensure that we provide full support till the time the candidate joins your organisation to provide any context they require about the job.


Morff searches and provides us good freelancers within our budget. You guys did a really good job with Prachi-Pankti for our designing project.

Nisarg Vyas

Nisarg Vyas

Ekomaze & Orgomore

Amazing experience, supportive team and understanding designers.



Malabar Gold

It was a great experience. They are good at adapting & very approachable. We also discussed areas to improve. The overall project has turned out very well!

Soumya Pasumarthy

Soumya Pasumarthy


Very professional and receptive. The Morff team understood our business needs very well.

Shweta S

Shweta S

RPG Foundation

What I liked was customer centricity and service and this easied me as well,and what stood out from others was team was prompt, took time to understand the requirements and there was no rush to closure

Shazia Usman

Shazia Usman


I applaud team morff on the initiative. It’s a boon to people like us who would want to save our energy and time as you bridge technology for us. I found the team to be extremely friendly, warm, and skilled.

Manjoo Shree

Manjoo Shree


The idea is good as a startup, the communication process is good.

Manohar Reddy

Manohar Reddy


Morff has the most passionate and inspired team I've ever come across. The leadership ensure the highest quality delivery and treats all clients with utmost personal attention and care. Could not recommend them more. Simply amazing experience !




Promptness, personalized interest taken by founders, efficient system of contacting designer, willingness to work basis any budget

Shweta A

Shweta A


Found a great designer, connected with the person well.
Very Satisfied with the output designs!

Ramanpreet Singh

Ramanpreet Singh


Our clients love us and we're sure you will too! 

Check out what they have to say...


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How long does it typically take for Morff Hire to find suitable candidates?

The timeframe for finding suitable candidates varies depending on the complexity of the hiring requirements. However, as a standard practice, we strive to provide an initial shortlist within 72 hours. We value efficiency and aim to facilitate a smooth and timely recruitment process.

How does the recruitment process work?

After you submit your hiring needs, our team reviews the details and contacts you to discuss further. We conduct a comprehensive search for suitable candidates, screen their resumes, and conduct initial interviews to assess their interest and qualifications. We then provide you with a curated shortlist of candidates for your consideration.

What types of creative professionals can Morff Hire help me recruit?

Morff Hire specializes in recruiting a wide range of creative professionals across diverse industries. This includes UX/UI designers, graphic designers, motion graphics artists, animators, packaging designers, digital marketers, copywriters, and more. We cater to various creative roles to meet your specific needs.

How can I submit my hiring needs to Morff Hire?

To submit your hiring needs, simply fill out the form available on our website or reach out to us at Our dedicated team will promptly review your requirements and initiate the process of assisting you.

What are the payment plans for Morff Hire?

Our service fees are tailored to your unique hiring requirements and are aligned with market standards. We ensure transparency and provide competitive pricing for our services.

What happens if a hired candidate leaves shortly after joining?

We understand that unexpected situations can arise. That's why we have replacement policies in place to address such scenarios. If a hired candidate departs within a specific timeframe, we will assist you in finding a suitable replacement.

How does Morff Hire source profiles?

We have a vast database of over 3000 creative professionals and a thriving community of over 12,000 individuals on LinkedIn. Our co-founders, who are esteemed alumni of NID and IIT, have an extensive network in the design field. This network enables us to source profiles, including leadership positions, when necessary.

Do I need to provide a Job Description (JD)?

While we prefer if you can provide a JD, we understand that it may not always be available. In such cases, we can create a JD based on the brief you share with us over a call or email. Rest assured, we work closely with you to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your requirements.

I am new to hiring and may need assistance in selecting the right candidate. Will Morff Hire provide guidance in choosing the ideal profile?

Yes, Morff Hire offers expert assistance in selecting the right candidate for your needs. Our team curates a shortlist of suitable candidates and handles the interview process, including design assessments, to evaluate their skills. You can rely on us to support you throughout the hiring process.

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We served organisations and brands of different scales from a variety of sectors 

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