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Beyond Classroom: Service design for IACE

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

What's it about? Alongside working on the IACE's website, Morff was also appointed to revamp their Learning Management System (LMS) using Service Design principles. The project aimed to transform the existing LMS through strategic design interventions, ensuring an intuitive and engaging platform for the students.

About the client: IACE - Indian Academy of Competitive Exams, a leading institute specializing in the preparation of government job exams. With a focus on courses such as Bank coaching as well as SSC coaching (SSC-CGL and SSC-CHSL), IACE has established itself as a premier destination for aspiring candidates.

Team: To ensure a successful and Fluid Team for the IACE project, Morff carefully curated a group of seasoned professionals from their freelance platform, each with diverse expertise in their respective fields. At the helm of the team was Komal, Co-founder, Morff's. The core member of the project was a UX /Service Design consultant, whose expertise was vital in crafting an intuitive and well-aligned user experience for the Learning Management System (LMS).

IACE was looking to revamp the experience of taking classes and tests and requires a strong well designed learning management system (LMS) application of their own which eliminates Vendor-supported LMS and reduces the hassle of using multiple products at the same time.

Our primary goal was to develop a comprehensive solution that consolidates the existing functionalities of multiple platforms into a single unified platform. This integration streamlined operations, enhance efficiency, and simplify the user experience for all stakeholders involved.

One of our key aims was to facilitate seamless cross-functional task management through this platform, enabling effective collaboration and coordination across different departments and teams. Furthermore, the clients aspired to provide focused attention and efficient student management, catering specifically to their preparation needs. The platform would serve as an invaluable resource for learners looking to excel in competitive government exams, offering them the necessary tools and resources for success.

Ultimately, the implementation of this new system should ensure that the IACE team experiences a smoother functioning, leading to improved productivity and overall organizational effectiveness with better user experience. In the following diagram, Current System illustrates the functioning of the IACE organisations services, which are centered around students. Students used to access the system either by joining the institution or using the Classplus application. The IACE branch is aided by the Thinkexam platform, faculties, and the R&D team to provide the services that students require. Similarly, the Classplus application relies on the Student+ and Admin team to provide support to students. The system includes several other functions, such as the Video team and its subcategories, and the R&D team. These functions were responsible for sharing content online and offline, and there might be overlaps and gaps in manual management of students and IACE branches.

In an effort to establish a more efficient and streamlined system, Morff proposed the implementation of a new LMS. This innovative system aimed to integrate all cross-functional processes within the IACE organization, enhancing the overall experience for both students and employees. By utilizing the LMS, various support functions seamlessly collaborated to produce the final output for students, effectively eliminating any redundant or overlapping efforts. Moreover, the IACE LMS provided direct management capabilities for student administration and effectively addressed any unique circumstances or requirements pertaining to different branches of the organization. The introduction of this comprehensive LMS facilitated smoother operations and improved the overall efficiency of IACE.


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