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Branding for Lumie

What's it about

The main goal of this project was to help Lumie, a client in the jewellery industry, come up with a kickass Branding. They came to Morff with some specific objectives in mind: a brand identity that would grab immediate attention while making a lasting impact, along with eye-catching social media designs and brand collaterals. Our job was to help them achieve all of that.

About the Company

Lumie is an upcoming modern jewellery brand that is contemporary - versatile yet affordable, for women who like timeless yet fashionable collections that she can wear to work as well as dinner parties.

Design Team

The project team for this objective consisted of a highly skilled creative team sourced from Morff's freelance platform. Providing leadership and strategic direction was Elias, one of Morff's co-founders, who offered valuable guidance throughout the project. The team included a senior Branding and Design consultant, who played a crucial role in ensuring a cohesive and impactful visual identity. Additionally, a talented graphic designer brought her creative flair to the table, contributing to the overall success of the project.

The first step involved comprehensive research and analysis conducted by the Branding consultant. We delved into the brand's values, personality, target audience, and competitive landscape.

Modern, Trendy, Elegant and Versatile

These were the four keywords which stood prominent from our brand research, and which were used as a foundation for the visual design of the brand.

Mood board for Lumie

Based on the insights gathered, the branding consultant and the graphic designer worked together to develop the brand's nomenclature. The naming assignment started with defining the brand purpose and brainstorming 30+ names.

Brand Purpose: A jewellery brand that is contemporary - versatile yet affordable, for women who like timeless yet fashionable collections that she can wear to work as well as dinner parties.

our nomenclature deck featuring 10 super cool name ideas

After discussing 30+ concepts, the client finalised the name Lumie which was classy, luxurious, light and short. Once the name was finalised, the creative team started working around its visual elements and the logo glyph.

inspiration for the logomark came from North star- keeping the meaning of Lumie i.e. shine, luminescence, radiance in mind.

The graphic designer took the lead in creating the logo, ensuring that it accurately represented the brand's essence and resonated with the target audience. The branding consultant provided valuable input and guidance to ensure that the logomark provided an elegant yet strong outlook with a modern character to the brand.

Simultaneously, the team collaborated on selecting the appropriate color schemes, typography, and other design elements.

The color palette was designed with colors that are fresh, saturated and bright. Blue symbolises reliability and peach symbolises elegance. The color palette is balanced with a neutral secondary selection of black and whites for content to stand out.

We sought a visual language that effectively communicated the brand's identity.

Logo variations

Having finished the logomark, the branding consultant then compiled all the visual elements, along with guidelines for their consistent use, into a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. This guide served as a reference for Lumie's in-house graphic team to maintain visual consistency across various platforms and touch points.

Snippets from the Brand Style Guide

The team also collaborated to desig brand stationery, including business cards and letterheads.

The use of Gold foil in the Logo adds a touch of elegance, sophistication, and luxury which will enhance the perception and create a memorable impression on its recipients.

Business Card for Lumie

We incorporated the brand's logo and ensured consistency with the established visual identity. The graphic designer skilfully translated the brand's personality and professionalism into these tangible materials, creating a lasting impression on recipients.

Additionally, the team developed templates for social media collaterals. By adhering to the established visual identity guidelines, they crafted profile banners, cover images, and post templates that reflected the brand's aesthetics and effectively communicated its message. Their joint effort resulted in engaging, visually appealing designs that resonated with the brand's target audience across various social media platforms.

Poster for Facebook / LinkedIn wall

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