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Catalogue Design for Reliance Retail

What's it about

Reliance team approached us with a challenging deadline of producing and delivering 15 catalogues, totaling around 600 pages. These catalogues were meant to showcase a wide range of products - 800 SKUs, across three textile brands: Portico, Stellar Homes, and Bichauna. Each brand encompassed 26 collections, all of which needed to be portrayed through 10 unique themes. Despite the ambitious timeline, our dedicated team pulled together and managed to successfully accomplish the task within the specified timeframe. Read on to know how.

Brief about the client company

Reliance Retail, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited, is India's largest retailer and a key player in the country's retail revolution. With a wide range of store formats catering to various consumer needs, Reliance Retail has forged strong bonds with millions of customers by offering choice, value, quality, and an unmatched shopping experience. Its multi-prong strategy, encompassing grocery, consumer electronics, fashion & lifestyle, and pharma, has triggered a socio-economic transformation in India, making it one of the fastest-growing retailers globally.

Engagement Duration: 11 working days

Design Team

To ensure a successful turn around time for this project, Morff carefully curated three experienced graphic design professionals from our freelance platform. At the helm of the team was Prasanth, one of Morff's co-founders, who provided his creative and strategic direction throughout the project.

The project started with familiarization and briefing of the creative team

The project kicked off with a comprehensive understanding of Reliance Retail's requirements which was then conveyed clearly to our design team.

It was crucial to pay special attention to the unique brand guidelines and expectations for each brand under Reliance Retail. To make sure everything was on point, we worked closely with 6 designers from the client's team. This collaboration was essential to ensure that all the 800 different SKUs were displayed just right, along with the product code, matching the original palette and themes envisioned by the designers. We wanted each product to look accurate and in line with their brand identity.

Collaboration and meticulous planning were key aspects of our approach, allowing for the overall structure and layout of each of the catalogues to be consistent. The designers were assigned the brands based on their prior expertise with a similar brand language. This ensured an equitable distribution of workload, leveraging the individual strengths of each designer effectively.

With the template layout agreed upon, the designers took charge of executing the designs for their allocated brands. Drawing from their wealth of experience and expertise, they incorporated specific color palettes provided by Reliance Retail, ensuring adherence to the brand guidelines for each catalogue. Typography styles were, in many cases, designed to match each theme

Snippets from the original catalogue. Stellar Home, Portico and Bichauna.

Furthermore, Morff worked closely with the design team to make sure that the factual information such as product codes for each SKUs align with the product image.

By incorporating unique color palettes, typography, and visual elements defined in the brand guidelines, the catalogue designs were tailored to the specific identities of each brand.

In the case of Portico, the catalogue design prioritized the use of high-quality photographic visuals to emphasize its premium appeal. Through a carefully curated selection of colours and pictures, the catalogue successfully showcased the luxurious nature of Portico's products, making it stand out among competitors.

Snippets from Portico's Catalogue showcasing different themes

Stellar Home was all about putting the spotlight on the products. We kept the layout simple, giving plenty of space for the SKUs to really stand out. This approach worked like magic, making the products look even more appealing. Dealers got a crystal-clear vision of how these items could bring a touch of elegance to different living spaces.

Snippets from Stellar Home's Catalogue showcasing different themes

When tackling Bichauna, a mass brand, our main focus was to showcase the SKUs with an indie lifestyle vibe. We achieved this by creating and curating unique vector illustrations from scratch, drawing inspiration from the very products we were highlighting. The cool part was how we seamlessly blended the bedroom collections and licensed items into their natural environments, giving dealers a super captivating visual experience.

With meticulous planning, unwavering attention to detail, and fruitful collaboration, our design team flawlessly executed the project. We made certain that each catalogue perfectly captured the distinctive identity of its respective brand and effectively displayed the extensive range of products under Reliance Retail's portfolio. The outcome received an overwhelmingly positive response from the client's Design Head and the entire team, which has further resulted in them returning to us for the subsequent season as well.


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