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Go to Market (GTM) for Dynamind

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

What's it about? The objective of the project was to assist Dynamind, a client from the education technology (ed tech) industry in developing an effective Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy. The client approached the Morff team with the specific goals of creating a compelling and well-aligned Brand Positioning, as well as designing a persuasive Pitch Deck that will help them secure the necessary support and funding they desire.

About the client

Dynamid is an intelligent and hybrid platform that enhances learning outcomes for mentees and facilitates effective delivery for mentors globally. It offers a unique multi-level, personalized pedagogy that integrates content, context, and community. The platform helps learners improve concentration, motivation, and retention, while enabling educators to scale their impact. Dynamid has gained recognition and reviews from renowned experts in education, including MIT, USA. Its goal is to become a leading global marketplace for mentor-mentee connections.

Design Team

The dynamic creative team for this project comprised seasoned professionals from Morff's freelance platform, bringing together diverse expertise to deliver exceptional results. Leading the team was Komal, one of Morff's co-founders, providing valuable guidance and strategic direction. The team included a senior Branding and Design consultant, ensuring a strong and well-aligned brand positioning. Alongside, a mid-level graphic designer added their creative flair to the project. To complement the team's efforts, an experienced content writer sourced from Morff infused compelling and engaging content into the platform. Additionally, the entire project was efficiently managed by Morff's associate, ensuring seamless coordination and communication among all stakeholders.

The project started with Branding consultant laying out valuable Brand Strategy Articulation which formed a blueprint for the rest of the collaterals.

How we did it?

Brand Positioning

The Brand Strategy Consultant (hired from Morff's talent pool) embarked on a comprehensive journey to uncover the positioning of Dynamind. Through extensive market research, they delved into the target audience, industry trends,

customer behaviours, and competitors, identifying gaps, opportunities, and unique selling points. Collaborating with the Dynamind founders and Morff's team, the consultant defined the brand's purpose and values, shaping a strong foundation for its actions. Detailed buyer personas were developed to understand the target audience, followed by a thorough competitive analysis to identify key differentiating factors. Crafting a unique value proposition, the consultant created a concise brand positioning statement that encapsulated the target audience, brand category, promise, and points of differentiation.

Consistent communication of the brand positioning was ensured across all touchpoints, aligning visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging. With a collaborative and strategic approach, the Brand Strategy Consultant successfully uncovered, shaped, and articulated the brand's positioning and platform narrative, allowing Dynamind to stand out and resonate with its intended audience.

Nomenclature System

Along with the Brand Positioning, the Nomenclature system was also developed for Dynamind's modules, namely Dynamind LQ (LEARNING QUOTIENT) for Dynamind for Schools and Dynamind MQ (Menter Quest) for Dynamind for Marketplace The nomenclature system reflects the brand's positioning and effectively communicates the purpose and differentiation of each module.

Brand Guideline Book

In tandem with the Nomenclature system, Brand Guideline book, was also developed for Dynamind's modules. It serves as a comprehensive resource that outlines the guidelines for Dynamind's visual identity. Drawing upon the brand's core values, personality, and target audience, the guideline book provides instructions on the consistent use of visual elements such as the logo, color palette, typography, and imagery. It ensures that all visual collaterals, including presentations, brochures, website layouts etc. are designed in a cohesive and impactful manner. By adhering to the Brand Guideline book, Dynamind maintains a consistent brand presence that effectively communicates its unique positioning and resonates with its target audience.

Pitch Deck

After defining the positioning, the team crafted a comprehensive pitch deck for Dynamind. Leveraging extensive market research and a deep understanding of the target audience, we were able to create a pitch deck that effectively communicated Dynamind's unique value proposition and market opportunity. Beginning with an engaging introduction, the deck highlighted the identified problem statement and underscored Dynamind's positioning as the superior solution. It provided a comprehensive analysis of the target market, showcasing its size, growth potential, and relevant trends. By aligning Dynamind's differentiators with market gaps, the pitch deck demonstrated the brand's competitive advantage. It also outlined the business model, revenue generation strategies, marketing and sales plans, and financial projections. Through the brand positioning exercise, the consultant ensured a consistent portrayal of Dynamind's brand identity, unique offering, and market potential, compelling investors to recognize its value.

This pitch deck served as a powerful tool for investor engagement and business growth, with the brand positioning exercise acting as the guiding force throughout the project.

The entire pitch deck was designed by the Graphic Designer selected from Morff's talent pool who made the pitch deck aesthetically pleasing.

Sales Deck

Lastly, as part of our comprehensive branding services, the team also assisted Dynamind in designing their Sales deck, catering to two distinct target users: schools and teachers, as well as parents. Leveraging the brand positioning and brand guideline book, Morff ensured that the Sales deck aligned with Dynamind's overall brand identity and messaging while addressing the specific needs and interests of each target audience.


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