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Illustrations for Haldiram's Retail Stores

What's it about

The primary objective of the project was to create digital illustrations for two Haldiram's retail stores, forming an integral aspect of their visual merchandising strategy. Given that Haldiram's was launching their inaugural store in South India, as a brand originating from North India, they sought to blend in with the local culture and connect with the people in the region. The challenge at hand involved crafting visually captivating and compelling designs that effectively enhanced the overall aesthetics and ambiance of these stores. To achieve this, a particular style of illustrations was utilized in the visual merchandising of these stores, reflecting the rich and vibrant aspects of South Indian culture while staying true to Haldiram's North Indian roots.

About the company

Haldiram's is a prominent Indian multinational company, based in Noida, specializing in sweets, snacks, and restaurant offerings. Boasting a diverse portfolio of over 410 products, their selection ranges from traditional namkeens and Indian sweets to western snacks, cookies, sherbets, and pickles. These delectable products are widely distributed through an extensive network of retail outlets, including bakeries, confectionery stores, and online commercial platforms.

The Design Team

Upon thorough evaluation of the project requirements, the Morff team enlisted the expertise of a seasoned pair of senior illustrators sourced from their freelance platform. Overseeing the team's efforts was Elias, one of Morff's co-founders, who played a pivotal role in providing valuable guidance and strategic direction throughout the design process.

About the project

Our design team faced a compelling challenge when tasked with capturing the essence of Bangalore, Karnataka, for the retail store situated in the region. Our objective was to create illustrations that deeply resonated with the local demographic and reflected the vibrant spirit of the area. Through numerous iterations and thoughtful deliberation, we arrived at a concept that centered around the themes of local cuisine and iconic landmarks of Bangalore. This approach was carefully crafted to evoke a strong sense of familiarity and connection with the community, ensuring a memorable and engaging visual experience for the store's visitors.

Hand-Drawn Exploration of the City's Maps

Subsequently, these initial sketches underwent a captivating transformation, evolving into exquisitely colourful illustrations intended to be an integral part of the retail experience at their Bangalore store.

Illustrations for their Bangalore outlet

Following the successful implementation of the illustrations for our Bangalore store, our next endeavor encompassed the Haldiram's Surat outlet. Here, we embraced the task of visually capturing the essence of Surat, meticulously portraying its renowned monuments, rich traditions, and unique geography in a graphical representation.

Illustrations for their Surat outlet

In conclusion, the outcome of this case study proved to be immensely gratifying for our clients. The meticulously crafted digital illustrations for both the Haldiram's retail stores in Bangalore and Surat showcased an exceptional blend of artistry and cultural relevance. The team's dedication in capturing the essence of each location resonated profoundly with the local demographics, thereby elevating the overall retail experience for visitors. The clients expressed their utmost satisfaction with the final deliverables, which not only aligned seamlessly with their brand identity but also added an immersive and memorable touch to their respective stores.


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