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Revitalizing Online Presence for IACE

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

What's it about?

The project aimed to transform the existing website through strategic UI UX design and website development, ensuring an intuitive, engaging, and fast loading website for IACE students.

About the client:

IACE - Indian Academy of Competitive Exams, a leading institute specializing in the preparation of government job exams. With a focus on courses such as Bank coaching as well as SSC coaching (SSC-CGL and SSC-CHSL), IACE has established itself as a premier destination for aspiring candidates.


Morff meticulously curated a team of seasoned professionals from their freelance platform to ensure the success of the IACE project. Led by co-founder Komal, the team consisted of a senior UX Design consultant who crafted an intuitive user experience, an experienced UI UX designer who blended creative elements seamlessly, a skilled content writer who delivered engaging and informative material, and a website developer who transformed the design and content into a fully functional, user-friendly, and fast-loading website.

Additionally, to facilitate coordination, an associate from Morff efficiently managed the project, ensuring seamless collaboration. The fluidity of the team allowed for seamless collaboration among the various professionals, fostering an environment where ideas could be exchanged freely, and each team member's expertise complemented one another. This approach not only ensured the successful execution of the IACE project but also facilitated an efficient and rewarding working experience for all team members involved.

What we did:

The project began with user interviews and competitor research to collect valuable insights from the target users. Moreover, we sought inputs from key stakeholders to understand their expectations for the new website. Armed with the knowledge gained from these user studies, we meticulously crafted a clear and intuitive information architecture to ensure seamless navigation for the users.

Following a comprehensive review and validation by the stakeholders, the information architecture was translated into low-fidelity screens by the UI designer.

The design process paid special attention to the home page, ensuring it would make a captivating and impactful first impression on visitors.

In the final high fidelity screens minimal visual elements were used to ensure fast loading site. Ultimately, the website was hosted on the WordPress platform.

Revitalised online presence for IACE can be accessed using this link


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