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GTM for Grace International

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

What's it about

The primary aim of this project was to support the international expansion endeavours of Grace International, a company that offers end to end mobility solutions on a global, regional and local basis, aiming at supporting the relocation of a global workforce. To facilitate this ambition, the company sought to accomplish two key objectives.

Firstly, the development of comprehensive Capability decks for their 8+ verticals, presenting a detailed overview of their diverse offerings and expertise. Secondly, the creation of an impactful Branding and Brand Merchandise that would effectively showcase these verticals in a visually cohesive manner. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to leave a profound and enduring impression on potential clients, enhancing the company's prospects in the international market.

About the company

Grace International Logo

Grace international offers end to end mobility solutions on a global, regional and local basis, aiming at supporting the relocation of a global workforce. By using state of the art resources and methods, they ensure a damage proof relocation from origin to destination. Their capability include Work force Relocation, Household Relocation, Expat Management, Fine Arts Logistics, Workplace Relocation, Office Relocation, Industrial Relocation, Data Center Migration.

Design Team

We engaged a well-rounded Brand Strategist cum Graphic Design professional through our Morff's freelance platform. The professional demonstrated proficiency and extensive experience in Brand Building, along with skilled execution of creative ideas. The overall project was supervised by Elias, one of our co-founders.

About the project

The project commenced with the development of Brand Merchandise intended for use in both National and International business events, effectively showcasing a well-branded business image. Our deliverables included Business Cards, T-shirt designs, and Print Brochures, strategically highlighting all the business verticals of Grace International, with a particular emphasis on their major strengths.

Print Brochure for their international event

Grace International t-shirt

Minimal T-shirt Design showcasing the logo

Business Card design

Next, our challenge was to comprehensively understand Grace International's four diverse verticals, namely Household Relocation, Office Relocation, Data Center Migration, and Industrial Relocation. The objective was to craft engaging and attractive Capability Decks that would appeal to foreign clients and effectively showcase the company's expertise in each area.

Once we had gathered all the relevant information, we proceeded to organize and structure it in a coherent and logical manner. The ultimate objective was to craft a clear narrative that would seamlessly flow and effectively captivate the attention of potential foreign clients.

Lastly, the freelance professional took great care in illustrating this information for all the verticals in a visually cohesive manner.

By incorporating high-quality graphics, charts, and other visual elements, we ensured that the Capability Decks presented a compelling and unified visual representation of Grace International's diverse strengths and capabilities.

Excerpts from their four distinct Capability Decks, featuring a unified visual language

Upon delivering the Capability Decks, we were thrilled to witness the excitement and satisfaction from Grace International. They were genuinely impressed with the outcome of both the Brand Merchandise and the decks. The success of our collaboration has further strengthened our partnership, and we feel honored to be an integral part of their Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy for multiple projects.


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